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Not much here yet, just a couple of my UT maps (ancient video game from '90s).


165 lb. giant Albino Pit-bull
Only barked once, when face2face with his brother at about 5 yo.
The kindest, gentlest most loving creature ever encountered.
Never mad, aggressive, or mean in any form.
Enjoyed watching ants (for HOURS, the 'tard)
Liked to sleep. A lot. With his face in the fireplace.
Would eat ANYTHING put in his dog bowl
(even did rocks once to see.........LOL)


And I would be Fuzzbutt, his daughter :^)

Was a happymind dog too.
Loved those tennis balls.
My ex took her in 99, never saw her again.
Had to be put down in fall 09 (cancers).
Her puppy pic at top of page.


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